And Getting To Know Your Business.

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Our Success Is Your Success

Marketing People's goal is to find you the right candidate within a given timeframe.

We conduct thorough assessments and benchmarking, which can include evaluation and analysis tools. We report our progress as a matter of course. In a highly competitive recruitment market we always try to ensure you have access to the best people available.

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The Roles We Recruit

We cover the full remit of marketing, digital, business development and sales roles.

Focusing on mid to senior level positions we work across the technology, professional services, finance, and commerce sectors. We hire roles that are crucial to organisational expansion and for businesses to succeed.


See How We Work With Candidates


A 12-Week Rebate To Reduce Risks

Any piece of recruitment can have a fundamental effect on the business or team involved. We offer these terms both to illustrate how Marketing People conducts itself, and to ensure we have our clients’ and candidates’ interests at the core of what we set out to achieve.


Working In Fast Changing World

Technical skill sets change. Recruitment processes and the means and methods of finding candidates evolves. As a business we keep up to speed with our industry and adapt accordingly. We offer advice to clients on the challenges they face and the solutions to those issues.